Are you prepared for Obamacare 2014?
Or are you ready to minimize its impact? Thousands more pages of regulations are set for implementation this January, and still more Affordable Care Act regulations are being created daily by a mammoth bureaucracy dedicated to managing you, your practice, and your relationships with your patients.
Let's make January 1, 2014, and Obamacare a non-event!
That's why we are conducting this one-of-a-kind conference in order to share the very best insights, knowledge, and practical strategies for not only surviving but thriving against the imposition of medicine by bureaucracy, a circumstance surely not anticipated when you dedicated your life to medicine.
Who should attend?
Those who value maintaining physician independence, protecting the doctor-patient relationship, and preserving private property, including:
  Medical Associations
  Practicing Physicians
  Practice Managers
Why should you attend?
While seemingly under the radar, there is yet a substantial segment of American physicians who remain dedicated to the preservation of the doctor-patient relationship, and are wisely taking measures to ensure the success of their chosen mission without compromising principles and values held dear.
The Physicians Summit 2013 is a valuable opportunity to learn the essentials and best practices for maintaining your life's work on your terms. You'll receive first hand knowledge that you won't get anywhere else.
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A minimum of
17.25 CME credits available!
Registration includes:
All lectures, receptions, presentations, workshops, and sponsored events and meals.
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"We're emphasizing the opportunity to spend time getting your questions answred on the practical ins and outs change your life forthe better."
Dr. Beth Haynes, Executive Director, Benjamin Rush Society, Executive Board Member, D4PC
Keynote Speaker: Grace-Marie Turner
Grace-Marie Turner is president of the Galen Institute, a public policy research organization that she founded in 1995 to promote an informed debate over free-market ideas for health reform.
She has been instrumental in developing and promoting ideas for reform that transfer power over health care deci- sions to doctors and patients. She speaks and writes exten- sively about incentives to promote a more competitive, patient-centered marketplace in the health sector.She has been published in hundreds of major newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal and USA Today, and has appeared on ABC's 20/20 and on hundreds of radio and television programs in the U.S. Grace-Marie speaks extensively in the U.S. and abroad, including at the London School of Economics, Oxford University, and the Gregorian University at the Vatican.
Featured participants include:
Dr. Lee Hieb, orthopedic surgeon, past president of AAPS, free-market author and lecturer... Dr. G. Keith Smith, anestheologist and pioneer in market-based, transparent pricing models, recently interviewed on Fox Business Channel's John Stossel show... Dr. Beth Haynes, Executive Director, Benjamin Rush Society, founder, Black Ribbon Project, Executive Board Member, D4PC, frequent speaker on how the free-market maximizes benefits for doctors and patients... Dr. Farid Naffah, gastroenterologist, author of the national attention-getting article "The Risks and Perils of Obamacare," and recently interviewed on FBN's Gerri Willis show...Howard Neiswender, expert in private practice and personal legal issues... Dr. Reed Wilson, cardiologist and internist, founder of Private Practice Doctors, medical consultant, and frequent guest on national media... Dr. Lee S. Gross, family medical physician, published cardiology and diabetes expert, and free market activist... Myra Roberts, CPA, CVA, AEP, estate and financial planning services to private practices, high net worth individuals, estates, and trusts... Dr. Arlen Meyers, MBA, President and CEO of SoPE, former Harvard-Macy Fellow, Fulbright Scholar, and named as one of the 50 most influential healthcare executives of 2011 by Modern Healthcare Magazine... Dr. Jeffrey Segal, neurosurgeon, CEO of Medical Justice, expert in minimizing litigation and online reputation management... others to be announced...
Topics to be fully explored during lectures, presentations, panels, and workshops include:
• Practical instruction on how to save practices from the onslaught of the new healthcare law and regulations
• Learning from those who have figured out how to practice medicine in a way that they love, is lucrative, and with much less hassle
• Getting back to what you went into medicine for — helping patients while receiving a fair compensation for your expertise
• Analysis of a for-profit surgical center that outperforms and undercharges non-profit hospitals
• Why and how doctors make great entrepreneurs
• Adopting a primary care practice model that's affordable for the uninsured and underinsured, and which you can ease into without having to stop taking insurance and Medicare...until and unless you want to
• Review of several practices that charge cash for time...for less than insurance co-pays
• Learning how to help local small businesses care for their employees by partnering with you and self-insuring
• Partnering with local diagnostic and imaging centers to provide your patients the best deal—creating win-win medicine
• Private Practice organizational structures and capital preservation
• To what end has Obamacare been designed to fail, why, and what's next?
• Maintaining a secure digital presence, both professionally and personally
• And much more...
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